Games don't make you violent, lag does.










3 benefits of Video Games for kids…


Studies show that kids who play video games may get a small boost to their reading skills. This is true even for kids who struggle with reading, and even when playing action games.

Visual-spatial skills

Many games — like Minecraft — are set in 3D virtual worlds that kids have to navigate. And there’s no GPS or smartphone map app to lead the way.


At the heart of every video game is a challenge. Some games can be mindless, like Space Invaders. But many others — from puzzles and mysteries, to managing virtual cities or empires — offer kids the chance to take on a problem and work to find a solution.

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Gamescom and PAX West 2018

For a video game developer, getting out and walking is not a big job requirement, but a



Steam is introducing a new feature called Remote Play Together, which allows friends


Play with device

Every designer and developer is often confused with their creative ideas. Usually

the international dota2 tournament

Thu, 5 Aug 2021 – Sun, 15 Aug 2021

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Every gaming staff’s dream is to be part of a big gaming event, whether it’s a player or a professional in the field, and we’re no different. Our dream of looking like a large scale game seemed to finally come true

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