Steam is introducing a new feature called Remote Play Together, which allows friends to play local multiplayer games together over the Internet and paves the way for couch games that were missing until our friends were physically present with us.

Here are some of our recommendations you might want to buy (get ready for the Halloween sale !!!)

A fun, humorous puzzle adventure, a local collaborative game with a player. With balanced, difficult curve-based challenges, you can play alone in story mode or in a double team. Depending on how far you want to go, you can create or edit game levels. Each new game element forces you to coordinate with friends, otherwise you lose. There are over 450 levels in this game that lead you to insane challenges you have never experienced before. As a puzzle-adventure game, it is a must.

Man: slip flat

Jump-based puzzle-adventure games allow you to immerse yourself in crazy and shocking physics. There are no levels, but with each unsolved puzzle you can play up to 8 players alone or in cooperation. The best thing about these fun puzzles is that you do not have to dig into a Steam forum or ask for help. You can adjust it or do it weird with open physics. The funny fact is that in Bob’s dream you’re trying to help him solve a problem! There are no indications from Bob de Bouwer

Pump party

Partying can be shameless for friendships. If you want to ruin or ruin, play couch or network co. It does not matter as long as you win or let your friends win to save the friendship. Chubby Party is an online cooperative and banking community that defines a twisted friendship game. There are weird 4-8 players in this game with a built-in sofa cooperative. It has several comic weapons. Cards based on a mini-game disc. Brutal weapons such as remote-controlled eggplants and boxing gloves can get the party started


As much as it sounds, Stick Fight is fought with classic sticks. With the creation of over 23,000 levels of society, it’s fun and unique. There is no complex physics. It does not have room for a single player. To play, find two friends or battle with random players around the world. The game is a completely accurate combat simulator through and through. Depending on you, the game can be intense or deadly for K.Oed.


Like Pummel Party, Move or Die is a unique board game. It is a fast paced local and online festival where the mechanics change every 20 seconds. The best party of this game is that you can edit as much as you want. It’s counter-friendly. You can create your own characters or skins. Whatever you want, this crazy game is fun to your advantage. Move or Die is a definition of an opponent’s squash squash, a kind of challenging game.

Based on some of the above recommendations, we gladly recommend OVERCOOKED 2, TRINE KITS, BREAKERS, ULTIMATE CHICKEN HORSE, etc.

With Steam sales coming soon, grab your wallet and make a wise choice between all the games. Solve your wallet for games no one will judge.

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