It’s been a little over a month for Gamescom, and the Aavega Interactive team is very excited and on guard that all our registration formalities have been completed. A year ago, one of our team members participated in Gamescom as a guest / gamescom-pax-west-2018 / and was quite amazed at the energy that radiated! In recent years, our team has been working on Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble and driving tests at smaller events (see our blog). Ultimately, we believe it is ready to be presented on a larger platform and for better visibility. And what better way than an exhibition at Gamescom.

Maximum play

Gamescom is one of the largest gaming conferences in the world, held in Germany, Europe. There are over 300,000 participants across all genres in the gaming world – game developers, publishers, artists and most importantly GAMERS! As a game development team, we can not expect to showcase our prestigious assets, Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble, and let the gaming community experience a fun couch collaboration game with their friends! Our focus has always been to create a fun game that society will love and improvise where needed. We are pretty sure that the 4-day Gamescom event will be very exciting and fruitful for JRPR (Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble) and the team.

Very Rogers:

Pirates Rumble is a collaborative game consisting of 7 different pirate characters and 7 unique game modes. Each character is inspired by past pirates and has unique toys. We will be posting more of our games in the coming weeks. Come and try the pirate crew with our friends at Gamescom, if you participate, we will come to Hall 2, stand 050!

From the 1970s to the current scenario, the gaming industry has expanded its horizons to various aspects. For art development, game developers and visual development artists have influenced many quality expectations. Each game gives you different emotions, visual art, images or stories that will blow your mind. As a player, you take screenshots and create memes for each game you play. Maybe posting this content on Imgur, 9gag or reddit for serious discussions about judging or criticizing the game is something you can do on a daily basis. On the other hand, leading gaming services do their best to solve the challenges of any game so that no consumer faces any kind of battle. It all started with tennis for two from 1958, and here we are with Cyberpunk from CD Project Red. The development of video games has improved thanks to technological advances

As a game-based organization, Aavega Interactive also expects a lot from customers and is also trying to understand how art services can be made better. JRPR is one of the first PC games we made. We have a goal. As our target audience, we wanted to make something fun from scratch. Many games have plotted plot, but where does the story end, what’s next? It’s over? Or does it need more downloadable content? JRPR, as you can tell, Jolly Rogers Pirate Rumble is an arcade game. There are not many arcade games, but why did we choose Arcade as our first project? Have we really thought about it? Yes we did! We wanted to make a fun game. The nostalgic atmosphere of Galaga, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Mario Bros. and several other arcade games brought more fun to us as a child, and we still enjoy it with downloaded crack files or maybe buy it from the Nintendo Switch Store. As PC gamers, we are always guilty of the joy of playing a game that created a part of our childhood. Any game developer can take inspiration from Kojima’s METAL GEAR SOLID or Far Cry series or maybe Mario or Dangerous Dave himself. Therefore, JRPR was created as a project to create a symbol of arcade fantasy.

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