Every designer and developer is often confused with their creative ideas. Usually the idea starts, but then there is confusion about which engine to use. At present, many developers follow the unrealistic engine because it is a simpler device, and some find it difficult – on the contrary. On the other hand, Unity is easy to learn and easier to implement all your idealistic character designs to complement or fulfill your imaginative game. A game that can surprise you beyond expectations. Therefore, the list is created. We personally recommend the top five indie games from Unity.

Their knight

Every platformer knows Hollow Knight. Some try and others do not. But what’s so good about this game that everyone’s crazy? Have you heard of Boss Fight breaking the keyboard? Yes, Hollow Knight is one of those games.

Yes! The Cherry team created a massive exploration of interconnected worlds full of good and bad elements. Stunning hand-drawn art and impeccable timing for music that will immerse you in grief. The emotions expressed in the game are simply the discovery of a new fairytale world. One of the best games on device! It’s surprising to see a beautiful engine – Unity – created for a beautiful game.

Stallion and blind forest

This game is unique. A game that tells an emotional story with beautiful pictures. An image that happens to understand the beautiful harmony between love and sacrifice. The more you stay in this game, the more you are on the character surface than the perspective that amazes you.

When it becomes clear that you are ready for an emotional roller coaster ride, you become one of the characters who sacrificed themselves for love. The summary can be delivered without spoilers. It happens in a forest called Nible. A platform game with a fast-paced, adventurous, visually impressive creation. Thanks to Moon Studio, we look forward to the return of the game, Part 2. In addition, to our surprise, this game has been made uniform

The spirit of history

Describe a Grimm story that begins with grief, wondering if you would be interested in it. Ghost of a Tale is an action-packed RPG game with a valuable adventure that sets the scene for a medieval population.

There is a little mouse named Tilo and Tilon has to explore huge falling heights. This game is very unique because it is indie. In addition, art, design and coding were performed by Lionel “Seith” Gallat. The game was written and designed by Paul Gardner. The music comes from sound designer Nicholas Titeurx. The beautiful creation of the game is made of unity, as it is, Ghost of a Tale tells a beautiful enigmatic story with the surface of Grimm

Cities: Skyline

Cities: Skyline created by Paradox Interactive is more than just the Sims, except you can build an ideal city. Somehow the simulators help to visualize and create this angular potential, which in practice expands to build a beautiful creation.

The concept of this game is to help you understand this step-by-step balance between cities and their civilization. Do you want to build the Eiffel Tower to mark your perfection in the simulator or build the Arc de Triomphe? The game understands your creation. You will be amazed at the beautiful graphics that are included in it. Everything from the love of the Unity engine is created for a beautiful city simulator.

A classic run-and-gun action game heavily influenced by traditional 1930s hand cell animation and a watercolor background. This game is very difficult. Do not believe me? The following link to specific YouTube reviews gives you a tip

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