eSports may be commonly seen as a pastime, but at times, they can also be a very lucrative career path. One of the most prominent esports in India is CS:GO. Esports has seen significant growth in India, and that means that business owners are ready to look into eSports as a good business opportunity.

Amazon India has just teamed up with DreamHopper, an eSports accelerator. DreamHopper has operated in the United States since 2009, with a co-creation model which looks to encourage startups to create opportunities for talent. DreamHopper has worked with Google, and has participated in tournaments involving over 60,000 eSports participants. The current CEO of DreamHopper, Digvi “DigiBoi” Kisaithia, was originally CEO of Asia’s largest streaming site, Kongregate. While Kisiaithia was at Kongregate, his team created its rewards platform, incentives platform, and badges product. As part of their partnership, Amazon India will implement a program with DreamHopper called DreamHack, which will enable them to recruit ESL Pro Gaming Teams in India. They will also partner with a platform called AmchakaPro.

Additionally, AmchakaPro will help select 1,500 Indian eSports players from DreamHopper’s Arena, an online platform where anyone can play competitive video games. This platform will place those competitors in AmchakaPro’s weekly tournaments, which will feature CS:GO, DOTA 2, and Overwatch. The participants are then awarded with scholarships, event visas, and career coaching. Overwatch is still the most popular game in India. In 2017, CS:GO was the second most popular game, but it has fallen out of the top 5 this year. The use of CS:GO players in AmchakaPro’s matches can help esports in India grow. CS:GO can be challenging in India, due to its advanced Battlegrounds-like map and mechanics. AmchakaPro can promote CS:GO’s most popular skill rating in India, which allows more people to play. This brings esports in India closer to an industry standard level, which can eventually become an esport world-wide.

Amazon India will be conducting a KPRI tournament to pick the 1,500 Indian players who will compete. The tourney will take place on October 17th. To enter the tournament, check out the rules and restrictions below: Step 1: Check for the AmchakaPro matches. Step 2: Register with the AmchakaPro tournament hall Step 3: Enter the list of your 20 highest ranked Indian CS:GO players Step 4: Select which league you want to play in. If you select CS:GO World Championship as your league, tell them that you want to play and the match will take place that day. Step 5: Choose a team to play with your highest ranked Indian CS:GO player Conclusion Esports India will be the first ever esports team that will be paid for its players. Additionally, AmchakaPro will partner with DreamHopper to create more esports leagues in India. Esports India will help American-style gaming culture blossom in India. As a nation with an increasing middle class, it is only a matter of time before CS:GO brings in the elite players from India and the rest of the world. Amazon India will be an important force to help Indian people take their CS:GO game to the next level.

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