Indian luge driver Anirban Lahiri came up with the idea of teaming up with racing team Red Bull, although more on this later, to bring an esports championship to the country for the first time. Known for their sports science base, Red Bull Racing have partnered with Sahaj Games, an Indian owned Esports company, to bring India’s first ever eSports championship to the country this November. The Championship is called Anirban’s Winter World Series and they hope to bring a lot of excitement and the top Indian Esports team of about 100 players to be involved. The Championship is short and sweet compared to most League of Legends or any other traditional online multiplayer sport. As of right now, they are focused on two virtual racing lanes named Kazirong and Jost, and they are opening registrations for participants on the Red Bull India esports website. Red Bull India have worked with a unique technology for the Championships, which looks something like a virtual joystick for touchscreen devices. As of now, we don’t know what games the players will be playing, but we are sure that the teams will include a lot of competition.

The tournament will be held over the course of two weeks, the first week being World Cup qualifying, followed by the second week being the actual main championship rounds. As eSports has been gaining popularity in India and around the world, the chance to compete against other Indian players in a competition with global impact is an exciting idea. There are already a growing number of players in India, and in fact, there are a large amount of players already taking part in Apex Legends tournaments with that game being set to launch in India this September. As competition in esports continues to grow in India, Red Bull has positioned themselves at the forefront to create a championship that will have a big impact not only on Indian eSports, but across the world as well.

Red Bull understands that Esports is no longer merely a game and have launched an organization that is pro-active and is taking their players very seriously. In 2018, over 370 people participated in the world championships, which Red Bull hopes will grow dramatically in 2019 with this Championship in India. If successful, this event could be the catalyst to start the Series spreading throughout other parts of the world. They will be doing their best to spread the word, bringing in professional gaming players and racing owners, as well as taking the Event to other parts of India like Bangalore, Surat, Udaipur, Kochi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

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